About Me

I have been an illustrator in St. Louis since 1985, but i have drawn my whole life. My first job out of college was being a layout artist for Stix Baer & Fuller — a dept. store ( i know, that dates me).

After 3 years, i craved to illustrate, so fortunately i was hired by The Whitesitt Group, an architectural illustration firm. It felt like a perfect fit. I gained freelance marketing and advertising clients by cranking out rush marker comps. In 2003 my WG boss wanted to retire, so i kept the phone number, the office and opened Whitesitt Kargus Studio.

I continue to create illustrations to solve my client’s needs. I also began to get commissions for portraits–children, pets, but esp. motorcycles. I also started painting murals—inside (many on canvas) and outside. I am thankful to make a living as an artist/illustrator.
I have just drawn 50 illustrations for an adult coloring book based on St. Louis landmarks, titled
“St. Louis Splendor”. It is published by Reedy Press. This style of drawing is natural to me.
All my clients are unique and important to me. Let me work on a project for you—fast or slow